In Puerto de la Cruz are many bars with terraces, cafes, restaurants specializing in international and Canarian food, pubs, discos and nightclubs casino.

Bathers can enjoy the sea water at 2 beaches or in swimming pools and jacuzzi Martiánez Lake, created by Cesar Manrique. This is a complex of 10,000 square meters, consists of a central artificial lake with a set of pools, gardens, terraces and restaurants. with the dominance of volcanic rock. It was designed by architect César Manrique. In his design blends elements of his particular vision with local elements like checkpoints, the fences and look to the sea. Apart from the architectural work, hosting a series of sculptures by artist himself.

The lake, as it is known locally, he settled on an area of ​​beach and pools (such as La Coronela or the rope) in the Llanos de Martiánez called, in a bath of the first tourists in the late nineteenth and early XX.

The project involves the creation of an artificial lake of sea water by way of a huge green emerald surrounded by sun beds, beaches and gardens. The artificial lake with its inner islands covers an area of ​​33,000 m² (fully reclaimed from the sea), of which 15,000 correspond to the liquid surface.

From 2004 to 2006 underwent a major reform and improvement, with the lighting of the pool and walks home charged Philips, with all overseen by César Manrique Foundation, which preserves the artist's works. In July 2006, reopened this complex which includes in its interior, in the former Sala Andromeda Casino Puerto de la Cruz, who was until then in the Hotel Taoro of this city.

The pricipals attractions are:

Loro Parque: theme park worldwide success. A natural paradise thanks to which will always keep an unforgettable memory of your vacation. Loro Parque in extraordinary experiences await you in contact with the animals and the careful reproduction of their natural habitats that will take you directly to the animal kingdom. The bird park is one of the world references in zoos, the word that best defines him is simply, "Excellence." Zoo is the heart of Europe's most recognized and most honored of Spain, for example with the most significant of awards: the "Prince Felipe Award for Business Excellence."

Planet Discover Antarctica Penguin which houses an iceberg with hundreds of penguins. Living near a unique experience in Europe, Orca Ocean, and enjoy the power and spectacle of Orcas subject only in Spain, born in captivity at Sea World facilities in the U.S. Marvel at the acrobatics of the dolphins, one of the shows most beloved and admired in Europe. In addition, sea lions make you laugh with his jokes and skills and do not miss the intimate show of parrots flying around. And be sure to stroll through the lush green paths to discover the birds and animals from all over the world. Soon be open to the public a great new facility: Katandra Treetops, hundreds of spectacular birds flying in the tops of the trees, but at the height of your eyes!. All this and more on Loro Parque.

The Loro Parque opened in September 2008, a spectacular water park in the south of the island, "Siam Park, The Water Kingdom, a new generation of water parks that will revolutionize the concept of theme parks in the world. To enjoy both parks can be purchased at a reduced price, a double entry "Twin Ticket."
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You can make a shopping tour through the many malls of the island and enjoy the tax advantages of Tenerife and more. Any corner of Tenerife showing its intense commercial tradition with zones dedicated to this activity in our fishing village Puerto de la Cruz, La Laguna, declared World Heritage by UNESCO (25 km) - or in the capital Santa Cruz (35 km .) Abundance of shops and high-quality shopping centers capable of turning a day of shopping in a rewarding experience. This is a commercial offering that added the presence of leading brands at irresistible attraction admissions at highly competitive prices.


The Casino Puerto de la Cruz is located in the iconic Lake Martiánez pool complex, one of the best known and most visited tourism pioneer city in the Canaries. The offer of leisure activities has turned it into one of the most striking of Tenerife, in addition to being a leader in the coastal transformation. The Casino games room offers a wide range of possibilities to spend an exciting night and original. A team of professionals accompany the client in the gambling tables, where you can opt for American roulette, black jack or poker.


The paths of Tenerife has a great variety of environments, climates, environments and degrees of difficulty. Tour allows access to a deeper understanding of the island, discover the fullness of its beauty and know the lifestyle of its inhabitants, including its ancient inhabitants, the Guanches. They were the ones who opened the first routes through dense laurel forests into grazing areas near the Teide.
Location: 20 minutes or 20 km.


Tenerife has about 40 different launch sites that make fans enjoy paragliding from across Europe. This variety of flying sites, located within walking distance of each other, plus the opportunity to practice almost every day of the year, thanks to the exceptional climate of the island are its two main attractions. In addition, this sport is very popular in Tenerife, so there are many clubs that offer courses, advice (essential to meet the cost of shifting winds on the flight safety) and the possibility to practice flight Tandem, an easy way to start.

Location: 15 minutes or 10 km


The excellent diving center is located in the Shoal Puerto de la Cruz, two minutes from the fishing harbor. Your experienced local staff knows very well the spectacular seabed. The center operates daily with two boats that have all the navigational and safety measures. This center offers PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) at all levels as well as rent, sale and repair.

Location: 5 minutes or 2.5 km


The Hotel
The hotel